What we do

Business events, weddings & parties – your location or ours

The food

Anthony Parshall is part of the new generation of bright, creative chefs in Oregon. He loves designing custom menus, whether it’s for an elegant wedding or a simple business lunch.

The venue

Our beautiful venue on the edge of Alton Baker Park in Eugene can seat up to 200 people. We have a bar, an optional dance floor, and a tranquil patio overlooking the Canoe Canal.

NW sustainable

Chef Anthony’s dishes highlight the Willamette Valley’s bounty of fresh, sustainably produced food. We avoid disposable plates and cutlery, and do our best to keep a light footprint.

Experience it

You should simply have a great time, without having to sweat the details. If you like, we can arrange decor, music, photos and more through a network of outstanding associates.

Few things better than a note from a happy customer

Our goal was to feature the best Oregon has to offer, and your menu and ingredients did exactly that. Our guests raved about the spread (and we’d kill for a few more crab rolls!)

We had such a wonderful evening! The food was first-class, the wine pairings were perfect, and the service was exceptional. Thank you so, so very much!

On behalf of Tracktown USA, thank you for hosting such a welcoming, hospitable event for our fans, coaches and athletes. Your staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating, and the ambiance and set-up worked perfectly.

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